Jason Pickle and Volunteer Botanicals Sponsor the Tennessee Grower Coalition

Volunteer Botanicals Sponsors the Tennessee Growers Coalition’s “Fall Harvest Fundraiser”

Dec. 13, 2020

The Tennessee Growers Coalition (TGC) is a non-profit, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) supporting pro-hemp advocacy, awareness and legislation. The TGC works to establish permanent viability for hemp farming by mobilizing an active coalition of legislators, regulators, farmers, processors, manufacturers, retailers, industry leaders and trade associations.

Through grassroots advocacy, fund-raising efforts and educational outreach, the TGC collaborates with lawmakers and voters to create a progressive legal and regulatory framework for all hemp industries and hemp-derived products. Help us in this effort by supporting this year’s Make America Hemp Again fundraiser.

Jason Pickle, Co-founder of Volunteer botanicals will discuss cannabinoid compounding and formulating to meet the needs of large scale product manufacturers.

Volunteer Botanicals’ technology enables the development of safe and effective options that solve the problem of inconsistent potencies among hemp-based products, providing manufacturers with reliable cannabinoid ingredients for new or existing products. The company’s flowable powders open the door for manufacturers of more traditional products to consider including cannabinoids in their products, including mainstream supplement and pharmaceutical companies.

“Flowable powders resolve the issues of imprecise cannabinoid formulations and instability when combined with other product ingredients,” Pickle said. “Cannabinoid ingredients can be difficult to homogenize with food and beverage products, and impossible to include in oil-based products without significantly altering the texture of the product. Our LNS technology essentially solves the problem for product manufacturers, and we’re looking forward to touting the results of this study.”

Volunteer Botanicals develops precise cannabinoid formulations, providing manufacturers with consistent, versatile hemp-based ingredients for use in a wide variety of products that meet specific demands of product creators inside and outside the hemp industry. The company’s products provide the building blocks of miscible and “flowable” powders suited for food, beverage, supplements, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. Through innovation and technology, Volunteer Botanicals is taking cannabinoids mainstream.

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