Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference Presentation

Jason Pickle Tasked with Educating Attendees at Emerge on how non-psychoactive cannabinoids could be the ingredients of the future.

Many of our customers and clients were not able to attend the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference last month. The conference was full of fantastic speakers and sessions that ranged from legal compliance, to the M.O.R.E ACT and even the launch of new celebrity cannabis brands. The conference was well attended and the break-out sessions were extremely impactful.

Jason Pickle, Volunteer Botanicals’ co-founder kept the attendees attention through his presentation about the future of customized cannabinoid therapy. He believes as Science takes hold and the data becomes clear that well of 140 different cannabinoids and cannabinoids combinations will pave the way to never-seen-before treatments.

Compounding cannabinoids is made possible by Volunteer Botanicals’ patent-pending Lipid Neutralization System that literally unlocks the lipid structure of the molecule to create consistent powder with the same particle size and density, regardless of the cannabinoid or extract. This intermediate step is critical for accurate dosing, precise formulating and building deliverables that consumers know and enjoy.

So grab a cup of coffee and a notepad and set aside 25 minutes. We see the future here at Volunteer Botanicals and we are ready.

View the presentation here: https://vimeo.com/496108082/c8f57f86c1

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