Volunteer Botanicals completes Gene Expression Study on Daily Supplement Line

Volunteer Botanicals’ Satival Cannabinoid Powders Demonstrate Potential in Clinical Study

Gene marker expression research shows biological effect of plant-based supplement on human genes associated with pain, healing and inflammation 

Volunteer Botanicals, which develops consistent, versatile hemp-based cannabinoid ingredients for use in a wide variety of consumer products, recently conducted a gene expression study to determine how the company’s plant-based Satival powders would affect expression levels of 10 human genes closely associated with pain, wound healing and inflammation. Directed by Vanderbilt University Medical Center-trained Dr. Jacob H. Basham, the study concluded that the Satival plant-based powders demonstrated a significant increase in activation within these key genes, supporting the overwhelming feedback received from consumers.

The full gene expression results are linked below. If you would like to see the full research report from Gene Markers, please contact Jason Pickle at jason@volunteerbotanicals.com