Canna-Tarts: Pressed Candy Formulations

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Canna-Tarts, the most delicious and precise delivery form of candy-based cannabinoid offerings. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Volunteer Botanicals can create Canna-Tarts from any distillate, crude or isolated cannabinoid. By converting oil into a supplement-style flowable powder,  we can compound and reconstitute different cannabinoids together for new and exciting ratios. As gummy bears and gummy-style deliverable lack consistency and quality, customers are seeking more in products.

With over 20 proven flavors to choose from, as well as the ability to build your own custom tooling for our tablet presses, this chewable tart has the potential to turn your brand into a powerhouse with products the market has never seen. Nearly any ratio. Nearly any available cannabinoid. Nearly any flavor.

How is it unique? Our laboratory’s proprietary process is designed to neutralize lipids within botanical extract oils allowing them to behave like a powder. The finished product is absolutely delicious, proven, consistent and will keep customers coming back for more.

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