Intermediates – Cannabinoid and Terpene Flowable Powder 10% – 50%

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Flowable, pharma-quality powder is an innovative and highly effective delivery method for cannabinoid uptake. Utilizing our patent-pending Lipid Neutralization System (LNS) to powderize plant extracts and terpenes, Volunteer Botanicals can create pharmaceutical quality powders directly from hemp extracts. The process is so effective, we can create flowable powder from isolate, distillate and even crude oil. The same conversion principles work extremely well on plant terpene oils. To date, we have converted over 10 different cannabinoids to flowable powder and countless terpenes.

This advanced technology is used to produce capsules, tablets, chewables and other traditional delivery methods. The granular/ particle median size is 112um and has a consistent uniformity with a pharma standard of +/- 2%.

If you’re a lab, we convert your cannabinoid extract into flowable powder and if necessary, can take it all the way to a bottled, finished good. If you are a product manufacturer, you can purchase the powder directly from us as an ingredient, and we can help you formulate into your finished product. You also have access to our in-house chemist during the product development phase.

This flowable, pharma-grade powder is highly versatile and does not affect the raw material potency. It can handle a wide range of environmental conditions with no physical changes to the material from temperature or relative humidity. These powders will change the way cannabinoids and terpenes are delivered to the body.

Flowable Powder benefits:

*Higher yield of active compounds per gram/ml than other comparable liquid filling concentrations

*Size 0 capsules allow for 435mg @ .7 density

*Size 4 capsules allow for 147mg @ .7 density

*Perfect capsules, chewable or tablets, etc.

*For every 100mg of powder, 32 mg of CBD

*Preferred product pharma type applications


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