Intermediates – Cannabinoid and Terpene Water-Miscible Liquid Concentrate 10%

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Our unique chemist formulation takes cannabinoids and converts them into a virtually tasteless water concentrate. The highly soluble liquid is perfect for drink or food application. The liquid base for the conversion is either distilled water or alcohol, depending on your application. The technology allows for either isolate based or full-spectrum options. The water concentrate has a slight cloudy consistency while the alcohol concentrate is completely clear.

With the cannabinoid in a water form, the body can readily absorb the molecule without the need for digestion. Our chemist formulated product utilizes a proprietary micro-encapsulation process that suspends the cannabinoid in the water column to produce our liquid concentrate.

If you’re a lab, we convert your cannabinoid extract into liquid concentrate and if necessary, can take it all the way to a bottled, finished good. If you are a product manufacturer, you can purchase the liquid directly from us as an ingredient, and we can help you formulate into your finished product. You also have access to our in-house chemist during the product development phase.

Micro-encapsulation is used to enclose solids, liquids, or gases inside a micrometric wall made of hard or soft soluble film, in order to reduce dosing frequency and prevent the degradation and increase stability. In general, it is used to incorporate food ingredients, enzymes, cells or other materials on a micrometric scale. We prefer this method over nano technology to maintain the integrity of the molecule.

Liquid Concentrate benefits:

*THC free or Full Spectrum

*Chemist formulated product

*Perfect for dink additives

*Different concentrations by dilution with distilled water

*Increased bio-availability

*Preferred product for drink manufactures

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