Intermediates – Cannabinoid and Terpene Water-Miscible Powders 10% – 40%

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Water Miscible Powders are fast becoming an excellent option for the delivery of cannabinoids. This chemist formulated powder is created after the oils are refined and we offer isolate based or full-spectrum in a 10% – 40% potency formulation. The powders utilize an innovative microencapsulation technology to produce water miscible cannabinoids. Our laboratory’s patent-pending LNS process is designed to neutralize lipids within botanical extract oils allowing them to behave like a powder. It behaves like Metamucil powder.

The extracts are locked up within a matrix of USP pharma-grade excipients that are released upon contact of acidic environments such as the stomach and becomes available to the body within minutes. This formulation is excellent for capsules, baked edibles and thicker beverages like smoothies.

If you’re a lab, we convert your cannabinoid extract into miscible powder and if necessary, can take it all the way to a bottled, finished good. If you are a product manufacturer, you can purchase the powder directly from us as an ingredient, and we can help you formulate into your finished product. You also have access to our in-house chemist during the product development phase. We recommend powder-to-powder and water-to-water when deciding what formulation is best for your cannabinoid application.

Miscible Powder benefits:

*THC free or Full Spectrum

*Chemist formulated product

*Excellent versatility/ usability

*Different concentrations

*Increased bio-availability

*Preferred product for baked goods, food and thicker drinks

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