Custom Powder Capsules

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Our capsules are nothing short of amazing. We create a pharmaceutical grade flowable powder directly from cannabinoid extracts, regardless of the input material. We can work with crude, distillates, isolates and terpenes.

We run a FACF 1200 automatic capsule filling machine, pictured below. It can turn upwards of 75,000 capsules per hour and we are happy to offer this service to your company.

Our flowable powder has a tiny, consistent particle size that allows us to pack high milligram doses into small capsules. Our 20mg and 40mg cannabinoid capsules are about the size of a Benadryl (Size 3) while our 100mg capsules are about the size of a small Tylenol (Size 1). So no more, hard to swallow “horse pills”.

By converting extracts like hemp oil and terpenes into pharmaceutical-grade powders, we can now combine them with other nutraceuticals, vitamins and supplements for a capsule targeted at specific ailments. We currently have multiple formulations for sleep, immunity, wellness, energy and pain. If you want to make something fully custom, we can work with you on the build-out of that deliverable.

The patent-pending technology behind our capsule lines produces an extremely effective product with maximum bioavailability. The capsule is far superior to oil-based gel caps or straight isolate capsules.

This powder was designed to release upon contact with the stomach acid without the need for digestion or passing through the liver, where the majority of cannabinoids are lost.


This delivery is one of our most effective and most dynamic products we offer.

Currently, we utilize this technology to powderize plant oils, extracts and terpenes. So, we are able to get the best of both worlds. It’s truly a meeting of technology from the pharma space, applied to pure plant extracts for one of the most effective and bioavailable capsules in the industry.

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