Custom Pressed Tablets


Volunteer Botanicals provides the most-cutting edge Solid Oral Dose Forms available to the cannabis Industry. Our chemist formulated flowable powder is state-of-the-art and an extremely effective option for the delivery of cannabinoids. Utilizing our patent-pending Lipid Neutralization System to powderize plant extracts, we can now offer these pharmaceutical-quality powders directly from hemp/ cannabis.

This cutting-edge conversion was developed by a scientist with over 25 years in the pharmaceutical space focusing on turning oils into more soluble deliveries. When we use this technology on cannabis extracts and terpenes, we can create an entirely new way to introduce cannabinoids to the body.  With a wide range of dose forms, Volunteer Botanicals is proud to release a proprietary custom cannabinoid pressed tablet line.


We have a variety of tablet options to meet the needs of any discriminating client.

We offer the following pressed tablet options and each has their own specific formula and ingredients:

  • Instant Release Caplets (up to 50mg)
  • Chewable Tablets (up to 30mg)
  • Oral Dissolving Tablets (up to 10mg)


The products are easy and enjoyable to consume, the deliveries are small and they are familiar to the consumer.

The 50mg cannabinoid tablets have breaker bars pressed into the tablet for easy splitting if the client would prefer half the dose. Some clients prefer 50mg all at once and or split the tablet for a booster throughout the day.

Custom cannabinoid tablet deliveries are the next generation of products for clients needing more than oil-based supplements.

The first wave of hemp and cannabis products have been oil-based due to the ease of creation. We are moving past this stage into a more scientific approach to cannabinoid delivery.

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