Micro-Drops – Cannabinoid Booster Line

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Micro-Drops is our own line of micro-dosed cannabinoid offerings. All bottles are formulated to 1 drop = 1 mg of cannabinoids. This allows the user full control over their experience. Depending on the time of day, each user can either mix their perfect concoction of cannabinoids or deliver a specific amount of one booster, when needed. The is the future of cannabinoid delivery systems.

Our unique chemist formulation takes cannabinoids and converts them into a virtually tasteless water concentrate. The highly soluble liquid is perfect for drink or food application.

With the cannabinoid in a water form, the body can readily absorb the molecule without the need for digestion. Our chemist formulated product utilizes a proprietary micro-encapsulation process that suspends the cannabinoid in the water column to produce our liquid concentrate.

Liquid Concentrate benefits:

*Fast Absorption

*Drop into any liquid food or beverage

*Control the cannabinoid uptake

*Control the user experience

*Simple dosing, 1 drop = 1 mg

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