The Future of Cannabinoid and Terpene Delivery Is Here

By merging nutraceutical sciences with cannabinoids and terpenes, we are unlocking an entirely new way to access the cannabis/ hemp plant by creating a new form of customizable, plant-based medicines. We aim to provide consistency, reproducibility, comfort, and versatility for hemp-based ingredients and finished goods. Control the cannabinoids and build the future.

Our core asset is the process of creating custom formulated, trademarked raw ingredients that allow product creators and medical practitioners to design nearly any solid oral dose form imaginable. Moving out of the oil phase and into consistent flowable powder and water-based formats unlocks new access to creativity never before possible. We can convert any botanical extract into our own, proprietary, custom-built “flowable” powder specifically designed for compounding, tableting, and encapsulation.

Familiar solid oral dosage forms are the key component to the mass adoption of cannabinoids. We create the building blocks for fully customizable, plant-based medicines.

These dynamic conversions have roots in the pharmaceutical industry and tackle the most important issue in formulations, consistency. We turn all cannabis extracts including crude-based, distillate-based or even isolated into a consistent, replicable medium.

The future of cannabinoid deliveries can now include compounding various cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals and eventually pharmaceuticals into robust and unique ratios unlocking massive potential that is impossible to accomplish from one extract alone.

We also offer tolling services for your extracts and access to our formulations for custom tableting and dry powder encapsulation. Do you have an idea for a product that could change the world. Cooperation is the new competition. Let’s co-create together.

The Difference Makers

The Future is Here

What you need to know

Post-Conversion is the often-missing piece to the cannabinoid supply chain. We bridge the gap between raw botanical extracts and customizable formulations for product creators’ needs.

We know that cannabinoids and terpenes will play a substantial role in functional supplements, pharmaceutical formulations, and various foods and beverages. We also understand that basic extracts like cannabis crude, distillate and even isolates still require conversion before they can become an appropriate ingredient for most product formulators. Once in free-flowing powder form these ingredients are compounded like a present day apothecary. We can build your custom cannabinoid capsule or even press to tablets.

With over 7 years in the cannabinoid bulk ingredient sector and utilizing pharma technology, we have an unmatched understanding of formulation building. The Volunteer Botanicals team will listen to your objective and provide structure and realistic expectations for custom product development. Not all formulations are the same. Our team will walk you through the most efficacious ingredients for your application.

We also work directly with various extraction labs providing our tolling services so you can help your clients find the best mix of cannabinoids, terpenes, functional ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Are you making the same products of the last five years or are you building the products of tomorrow?

Tolling Options for Customers

Utilize our technology, experience, tablet presses and encapsulation machines.

We can convert any cannabinoid into a consistent ingredient

  • Isolate Based (zero THC)  99%+ pure cannabinoids, no other cannabinoids or compounds
  • Broad Spectrum Distillate (zero THC) high cannabinoid profile, refined extract, non-detectable THC
  • Full Spectrum Distillate (0.3% THC) full cannabinoid profile, refined extract
  • Crude Oils (0.3% THC) full cannabinoid profile, includes lipids, sugars and chlorophyll
  • Terpene Oils
  • Nearly any botanical-based oil extracts

We determine the best ingredient for your application

  • Cannabinoid Pharma-quality Flowable Powder
  • Cannabinoid Liquid Concentration, water-based
  • Cannabinoid Liquid Concentration, alcohol-based
  • Terpene Options – Pharma-quality Flowable Powder
  • Terpene Options – Liquid Concentration

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