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Volunteer Botanicals, LLC is a Tennessee-based company focused on providing the best raw ingredients directly to product creators and medical practitioners. Not all CBD is the same. Many unique formulations are created by converting raw plant oils into flowable powders and water-soluble mediums. We can provide you finished ingredients or if you are a lab, we can formulate your isolate and distillate. Have confidence that every ingredient is made from a USDA approved hemp farmer.

Now is the time to build your brand. We can guide you to the best ingredients.

Difference Makers

What you need to know

Volunteer Botanicals sources the best raw ingredients and reformulates them. This industry is changing every day. More cutting-edge formulations are coming to market and many work great as a base ingredient to your existing product line. You can use our formulations to create a custom recipe unique to your business or application.

With over 5 years in the bulk ingredient hemp sector, our team has an understanding of various formulations and what ingredients are necessary for different applications. We understand these processes and have trusted relationships across the country. We also farm our own high cannabinoid hemp flower in TN on five research plots.

The Volunteer Botanicals team will listen to you and provide structure and realistic expectations on navigating this constantly evolving industry. Please review the list below for ideas on what we can provide. If you need pricing on raw hemp flower, crude oils, distillates, isolates or concentrates, please let us know. We promise to stay on the cutting-edge of raw hemp and cannabinoid formulations.

If you are looking to carry the most effective product, we have new, cutting-edge chemist formulations. We are here to help.


Choose between three different spectrums of CBD (cannabidiol) products

  • Isolate Based (zero THC)  99%+ pure cannabidiol, no other cannabinoids
  • Broad Spectrum (zero THC) high cannabinoid profile, THC fully removed
  • Full Spectrum (0.3%THC) full cannabinoid profile, no more than 0.3% THC to remain legal under 2014 Farm Bill

We help determine the best ingredient

  • CBD Crude Oil
  • CBD Crystalline Isolate
  • CBD Distillates, THC Free
  • CBD Distillates, Full Spectrum
  • CBD Miscible Powders
  • Water Soluble CBD
  • Raw Hemp Flower, 16-22% + CBD

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We are excited to hear from you. Let’s start developing a working relationship and grow this new and exciting industry together. We feel cooperation is the new competition. Let’s plant the seeds today.

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