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Welcome to Volunteer Botanicals, where technology meets innovation. Our plant-based biotechnology ecosystem blends nature and science for a redefined product development experience. 

We have a dynamic team of plant lovers, cannabinoid experts, scientists, pharmacists, and doctors who collaborate to pioneer new botanical-based and cannabinoid-enhanced wellness solutions, starting with our highest-quality, proprietary intermediates, a.k.a. ingredients.

At Volunteer Botanicals, we create water-based microemulsions for beverage and shot formulations as well as free-flowing pharmaceutical-grade powders for solid oral dose formats such as tablets and capsules. Our in-house conversion technology is the foundation for incredibly precise, wildly effective, highly bioavailable, and functional solutions. Our tablet presses are always spinning out new, powerful combinations.

Our conversion processes and in-house tableting systems are cGMP-111 certified for dietary supplements, HACCP-certified for food safety, TN Dept of Ag certified, and we are registered with the FDA and DEA.

To date, we have converted over 22 different cannabinoids, into our water-soluble and flowable powder intermediates for custom product creation and served well over 100 different brands. We believe that working in cooperation with others can advance the scientific understanding and development of cannabinoid-based medicines.

Explore our website to learn more about our scientific approach to product development and how we can help you unlock the full potential of botanical extracts like cannabinoids and terpenes in your research and product development.

The Difference Makers

The Future is Here

What you need to know

Unlocking the full potential of cannabinoid product development hinges on a crucial yet often overlooked step: Post-Conversion. At Volunteer Botanicals, we specialize in seamlessly bridging the gap between raw botanical extracts and tailor-made formulations to meet the diverse needs of product creators.

Our expertise lies in transforming basic extracts such as hemp crude, distillate, and isolates into pharmaceutical-grade powders and rapidly absorbing water-soluble ingredients. These refined components form the backbone of functional supplements, pharmaceutical formulations, and a myriad of foods and beverage applications.

At Volunteer Botanicals, we prioritize your objectives. By actively listening to your needs, we provide structured guidance and set realistic expectations for custom product development using our proprietary ingredients.

The question we pose is simple yet profound: Are you content with replicating the products of the past, or are you ready to pioneer the products of tomorrow? Join us on the journey to redefine what’s possible in cannabinoid product innovation.

Intermediates -> Finished Goods

our technology, our experience, our ingredients, our tablet presses

Converting Various Extracts

  • Cannabinoids in crude, distillates, or isolates
  • Terpenes
  • Omegas
  • Fish/ Krill
  • Many Different Plants

Dynamic, Consistent Intermediates

  • Pharma-grade Free-flowing powder
  • Water-Soluble Microemulsion
  • Alcohol-based Microemulsion

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