Monthly Archives: March 2021

Justin Hamilton, CEO of Hempleton Investment Group, speaks with Jason Pickle about the launch of Prolifera

Prolifera is dedicated to redefining the future of the cannabis industry during these uncertain times. Built around a line of cutting edge instant release tablets, Prolifera produces all new cannabis products made using familiar oil based pharmaceutical technology. This delivery method offers consumers a consistent baseline dose of rare, minor cannabinoids in a instant release […]

Volunteer Botanicals Makes Waves in Marijuana Times Article

Minor Cannabinoids Take Center Stage in New Suite of Consumer-friendly OTC Supplement Tablets  Feb 27, 2021 In a first-of-its-kind product, a new line of instant release CBD tablets combines compounded cannabinoid ingredients in precise formulations utilizing the patent-pending technology of Volunteer Botanicals. Prolifera Instant Release Tablets create combinations of CBD and minor cannabinoids that replace […]

VB’s CEO Derek Odette’s Article in MG Retailer Magazine

Preparing Today’s CBD Products for Tomorrow’s Market By Derek Odette  – February 16, 2021 You’ve probably noticed cannabinoids are everywhere these days. Since restrictions on hemp production and commerce were lifted by the 2018 farm bill, products containing cannabidiol (CBD) have proliferated in number and type across the United States. However, as new consumers investigate […]